wash your makeup brushes


Dr. Bronner’s is a magical soap, for lots of reasons, but the BEST one is for cleaning your makeup brushes.

It is an oil that cleans, so it keeps your brushes moisturized. Most brush cleaners contain alcohol and dry out the bristles after a while. Not Dr. Bronner’s.

It comes in lots of different scents and lots of different sizes! Is carried in mostly every store now and can be used for tons of different things (all listed on the bottle)…like diluting it to wash your floors, using as a body wash / shaving cream… I can’t think of any more things it does right now, but it’s A LOT.

try it. you won’t be sorry. and your makeup brushes will thank you for it.

Find it on Amazon HERE . (I linked the sampler pack if you want to try all of the scents before you pick a favorite and commit to a giant bottle of one flavor)


step 1 – squirt some soap into the palm of your hand, a bowl, or your sink, depending on how many brushes you’re washing

step 2 – fill with warm water

step 3 – swish brushes in soapy water and rinse

step 4 – repeat if necessary

step 5 – lay on a paper towel to dry


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