Faux Birkenstocks at Target!


Summer is (almost) here in Utah. One more freak snow storm MIGHT just do me in. But I think we are in the clear.

ANYWAYS:  These sandals are all you need for your everyday shoe this summer.

They are exactly like the foam Birks they sell at Nordstrom, but they are a little squishier (aka more comfortable) and $12.99 instead of $39.95.  My sister did point out that they are a little bit more narrow than the real Birkenstocks, so if you have a really wide foot, then you may need to get those.  But these are definitely worth a try, if you’re on the fence.

The real Birks come in a lot more colors, but I love that black and white go with everything. The target ones also come in a light aqua blue.

They come in sizes 5-12 and run exactly true to size.

I bought the black and the white and they’re all I’ve been wearing!

I love not having to worry about getting them wet or muddy, or grass stainy (which, I know, isn’t a word).

Definitely awesome splashpad/beach/park shoes. And everything else shoes, tbh.



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