dry shampoo

I don’t use dry shampoo every day after I wash my hair.

I usually wait until day 5 or 6, or whenever it reallllly needs it. I think it’s dumb to use it every day….because you DON’T NEED TO.

I’ve tried sooooooo many different kinds over the years.

This one is currently my favorite and actually works.

PLUS you can get it for ‘light tones’ and it comes out kind of purple, which i didn’t realize until i looked at the sprayer after I used it.  It helps to keep the yellow out of your hair (just like purple shampoo).

It doesn’t make my hair staticky, which EVERYTHING does normally.


One thought on “dry shampoo

  1. If you’re ever in a jam and don’t have dry shampoo, use corn starch! If you have dark hair like me, mix in some coco powder and tap it on your roots (avoiding your scalp) then tousle/shake it till it’s mixed in with your hair. It’s amazing.


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