Sleep Train Your Baby

(*realized I don’t have any pictures of my babies sleeping, because they’re usually just asleep, alone, in their beds. haha so this pic of them after they just woke up will have to do)

Ok, I am the BIGGEST believer in sleep training. I’ve seen and heard about so many people who have kids that won’t sleep…. who need to be rocked to sleep, who need to snuggle parents to fall asleep, who need 6 books and three songs sung to them before they will sleep…just EVERY SINGLE THING that makes bedtime take at least 2 hours, sometimes more. I always refused to let that be me.

I can’t sleep if other people are touching me…luckily Judson is the same way and that’s why we immediately bought a King sized bed after we slept on a queen sized one during his internship right after we got married. The worst months of my sleeping life, tbh. We need to be able to go to our opposite ends without even the possibility of touching for us to fall asleep.

So I knew even more so after that experience that I would never be able to co-sleep with our kids. Just no. Not for me. I don’t even like my clothes touching me the wrong way when I sleep. Just STRUGGLES.


I sleep trained Magnolia and did the kind of modified version of cry it out….the let her cry for 3 min., go in, calm her down, let her cry for another 5, go in calm her down, etc…….and it worked, but was definitely harder than this time around with Graham, because I’ve found the freaking holy grail of sleep training. It is SO SIMPLE and seriously life changing.

Get the book here: GET YOUR SLEEP ON

If you’re like me and are thinking: Yeah right, I’m for sure not reading a whole book about sleep training. I’ve got too many other things to do….just do it. It is a SUPER fast read. I finished the entire thing in like an hour and I’m a SLOW reader. It seriously has changed my life. You’ll thank me later.

Maggie wanted to put a bow on Graham and thought it was the funniest thing she’s ever done:

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