up your vanilla game

I am NO chef.

But there are a few easy tricks I have learned to make my cooking taste a little better.

This is one of them.

Instead of buying regular vanilla extract…buy VANILLA PASTE!!! It is soooooo delicious and is used exactly like vanilla extract is.  If a recipe says “1 t vanilla”, the equivalent would be 1 t vanilla paste.  It’s just like vanilla extract only SO MUCH BETTER.

I had no clue this was even a thing until my sister in law told me about it. She acted like this was just something everyone already knew about….  so, if you already knew, sorry I’m late to the game. But if you didn’t already know, you’re welcome!

Ive looked for it in stores, but have only been able to find it on amazon.

GIANT BOTTLE (I finally bit the bullet and got this one since I used up my other jar already)

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