train yourself to sleep on your back

well, I turned 29 this year. It feels a lot more stressful than 30 will be, for some reason.  I’ve made lots of goals, which I’ve never done, and I’m really wanting to follow through.

Top of my list: training myself to sleep on my back so I don’t get any more wrinkles (my forehead and under my eyes are dreadful, to say the least).

Since posting this in my instastories, I have gotten several suggestions on how to do just that! here they are:

1 – cradle yourself with pillows – thinking it may be easiest to just get one of these.

2 – use a WEIGHTED BLANKET! – I thought this one was genius. They come in different weights…5, 12, 15, 20 lbs….as far as I can tell, the amount of weight you need directly correlates with how much you, yourself weigh (or it’s just personal preference).

I’ve been wanting this one for a long time, but they’re always sold out and they’re $300. Found these ones on Amazon and they look pretty great too! option1   option 2

Still trying to decide which one I want to get. But I am thinking I’ll go with option 1.

3 – sleep with a pillow under your knees (kind of like when you get a massage). I’ve been doing this and I think it’s really helping!! It KIND OF makes you feel like you are curled up in a ball and is definitely more comfortable than just laying flat like a board. I just used one of the normal pillows off of my bed. I haven’t ordered a special one or anything. So try it out!

4 – use a silk pillowcase (more to help with not getting wrinkles than to help with sleeping on your back). I’ve been debating over which one to get.  I’ve been looking at the SLIP brand from Nordstrom. But I just found this one on Amazon that is less than half the price.  Which is always my internal battle…buy the nice one, or the more affordable one?  I’ve been debating for months. I still haven’t made my choice. OVERTHINKING IT. ugh.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU’VE TRIED ANY OF THESE THINGS! I’d love to figure out which thing, or combination of things, will help the most!





2 thoughts on “train yourself to sleep on your back

  1. Mikelle, my dermatologist legit told me to stop sleeping on my side; for me it’s too late but there is still time for you!! One thing that sounds weird but is helping me is putting my arms above my head on the pillow; it seems to stop me rolling over in my sleep and also has become kind of comfortable although it sounds like it isn’t!! The side sleeping is a killer for those under the eye bag wrinkles which you are way too young to have, so start sleeping in your back now and maybe you will never get them! I wish someone told me in my 20s! (although I wouldn’t have listened)

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    1. oh my goodness, really?! Ok, game on. This is serious business.
      That is a great idea! I’m definitely going to try my arms over my head tonight.
      Thank you so much for chiming in on this, I really appreciate it!
      xo m


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