bath/shower favorites

I used to be such a hoarder…but after living in new york, all I want to do is simplify and get rid of any unnecessary things….including products in my shower. These are two of my favorite things that both serve multiple purposes:




1 – Salux Japanese beauty skin towels – I ordered these exfoliating cloths on a whim last October, and now I don’t know how I ever lived without them.  They are really big (compared to the tiny exfoliating gloves or washcloths that you usually see at the store & are much softer than those), they last forever, dry really well and can be used with any body wash. It lathers up incredibly well and is just the best. Trust me.

I love that I can use any regular body wash with it, eliminating the need for a separate exfoliating scrub. I always feel like those just make my shower feel gritty and if I miss a spot rinsing off, I feel like I’m covered in sand. Using this cloth instead of a scrub eliminates both of those annoyances.

I also use it with some face wash to exfoliate my face and lips.  Your skin feels like a dream after.  *exfoliating your lips after having a mask (also LOVE this one)on them all night is even better*


2 – Dr. Teal’s soaking salt w/ coconut  (prime link *but more expensive) & bubble bath  & BODY WASH!!! Lotion too. (still trying to find the coconut body wash online. I have looked for it in every store and stumbled upon some at Smith’s. went back to get more a few days later and it was all gone. will link it when I can find it)- TBH, I have never understood why people soak in bath salts…but my sister introduced me to this duo and I’m obsessed. My skin feels so good and soft after I get out of the tub, that I don’t feel like I need to put lotion on (a bonus, because, LAZY).  It smells so yummy. Really clean and not too sweet.  I took a bath one morning and my whole bathroom smelled so good for the rest of the day. I buy mine at Walmart!  They’re less than $5 each.

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