white t-shirt

grabbed this T in the craft section of Walmart to use as a “painting shirt”. I was amped when I saw it was Gildan. I LOVE the Gildan brand…I have a few sweatshirts of theirs and they’ve lasted longer than any other. Tons of washes and years later…they’re still my favorite. So I knew this T would last through lots of abuse (aka crafting with a toddler).

got home, put it on and realized it was going to be SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

A good, classic T is hard to come by and this one is incredible. The shape/length is perfect, the sleeves are a good shape and not too long, it doesn’t stretch out and washes/dries like a dream. It’s not too thin, so it’s not clingy or see through. It holds it’s shape through an all day of wear (or a night of sleeping, or both TBH).

I’m 97% sure it’s THIS ONE. But haven’t been able to confirm with style numbers…so check out the pics, stop by your local Walmart, Michaels, or other craft store to see if they have them. They’re unisex (aka straight up and down — doesn’t have the weird slope-y cut out like any other basic ‘women’s’ t).

The biggest bonus being that instead of costing $300 like every other ‘really good’ tshirt i’ve seen lately…it only costs $2.97 (at walmart). NO JOKE

I’ve decided I like it best with the sleeves rolled up twice.

Considering cutting one off to create a crop top version…

(I’m wearing a size SMALL)


Just basic, doing nothing to it:


it’s loose, but still fitted, which makes it really great for tucking in…and it’s LONG: also great for tucking in. ( i have a freakishly long torso, and it’s still long enough for me)




My favorite look with this T (so far, in the 48 hours that i’ve owned it) is full on tucked-in to a pair of high waisted pants. Maybe not leggings…as seen below (but that’s what I had on at the moment and was too lazy to change my pants)



2 thoughts on “white t-shirt

  1. Genius idea! I am def going to go look for this shirt. I’m not tall (5ft nothing) but hopefully it won’t be too long. So excited! Btw– what style are your lululemon leggings? I’ve been going back and forth on taking the plunge on a pair. But the $98 price tag and not great reviews are holding me back.


    1. If it is too long, just go ahead and cut the bottom off! I actually did that to one of mine the other day because i wanted one that was more of a crop top and i LOVE IT. Ok, my all time favorite lulu legging style are: Wunder Under high rise 7/8 tight – Full-on Luxtreme. They are amazing! suuuuper comfortable, supportive and the fabric is a tiny bit slippery, so lint doesnt stick to them at all! some of the other ones are soft but i feel like things stick to them really easily or start to pill sooner with wear. These are my favorite kind. If you’re going to take the plunge, definitely try these! https://shop.lululemon.com/p/women-pants/Wunder-Under-Hi-Rise-78-Tight-Fullux/_/prod8470056?color=0001


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