shave your face, like a girl

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everyone, i repeat, EVERYONE should shave their face.

” but I don’t have a hairy face…”   hate to break it to you, but YOU DO. Everyone has little fuzzy hairs all over their face.

These little eyebrow razors changed my life and they’re about to change yours. If you don’t want to order this many right off the bat, here is the smaller pack. But you’re going to want the bigger pack. trust me.

Not only do they get rid of your little fuzzies on your face, but they also take off dead skin cells. It’s basically dermaplaning at home!


1 – Your products you put on your face are more easily absorbed into your skin

2 – your makeup sticks to your face better and doesn’t look as powdery or cakey

3 – your skin looks cleaner, feels smoother and is healthier, over all



2 thoughts on “shave your face, like a girl

  1. You are a brave brave lady to post this. Super proud of you! I’ve debated doing this for a while. The peach fuzz on my face got darker after I had my 3rd (bummer) but I’ve been afraid that it would grow back thicker if I shaved it. Hopefully you can link the video soon!


    1. hahahaha thank you! Go for it! I have been doing it for like 4 years and mine still grows back exactly the same…blonde and fuzzy!


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