wash your face

(video in my instastory highlights)

Consistently washing your face is v important. So in order to get my lazy self to do that, I needed to come up with something that was simple, effective and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg…because if you’re supposed to wash your face twice a day, you go through a LOT of product.


Step 1 – Drench some cotton rounds with Micellar Water and rub off all your makeup and grime from the day (I’ve tried the Garnier and Bioderma versions and like them both the same.  I recently purchased the Soo’AE brand (at Walmart…could not find online to link…that also has charcoal in it…so we will see how that goes)

Step 2 – Drench some cotton rounds with Witch Hazel and rub all over your face.  I really like to focus on my nose and chin…where my pores are a little bigger and get clogged more easily. I’ve only tried the Dickinson’s brand that I saw at the grocery store, but just saw on Amazon that they also have a hydrating one! But now I know that I like the effects, I’ll try some different brands and see if I like any better.

Step 3 – pump 3-4 pumps of Argan Oil into your fingers and then massage it into your face & neck in upward, circular motions. Any time I have gotten a massage and they rub my face, I always feel like my skin looks amazing….you can totally do that yourself with this! Really take some time to massage it in. Sometimes, once it’s absorbed, I will do a few more pumps for good measure!  (The Josie Maran one is amazing too. But also a little more spendy…$48 for 1.7 oz  vs. $13 for 4 oz…I feel like I got the same results using the one from amazon linked above…sorry, josie.)

ALTERNATE STEP 3 – This St. Ives Timeless Skin lotion apparently has a pretty big cult following. I’ve only been using it for about a week, but I LOVE it. Load it on, rub it in all over your face and neck, same as you would the oil. I’m actually really surprised how much I like it. I may switch to using this one over the argan oil for a while since it is specifically designed to reduce lines and wrinkles and my forehead needs alllll the help it can get in that department. ps – linked above is a 2-pack for $14! That is 20oz of lotion! I love feeling like I can just load it on and not feel guilty about using it up really fast.  I’ve had expensive face lotions before and I hate feeling like I have to ration it and use it sparingly.



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