tint your brows

(video tutorial in my instastory highlights — @mikellekennedy)

As soon as I figure out how, I’ll post it on here too. I just wanted to get links up to all the products I use.

Step 1 – clean brows using micellar water and cotton rounds

Step 2 –  mix equal parts color and developer (you don’t need a ton, i use a pea sized dollop of both colors)

Step 3 – with your angled brush, start applying dye. I like to start on the outside half of my brows so the dye is on the ends the longest. Then work your way towards the front part of your brows. Put it on as if you were filling your brows in with makeup and not just on the hair you have.  Half the reason I tint my brows is to tint my skin in the places my brows are a little sparse.

Once you have the shape you want…glop on a bunch more of the dye to make sure all your hairs are covered completely.

Step 4 – set your timer once you’re done applying the dye. I usually leave mine on for about 15 min.  The longer you leave it on, the darker it gets, so you can adjust your time to suit how dark you want them.

Step 5 – wipe brows off with dry cotton rounds.  once most of the excess dye is wiped off, use cotton rounds and micellar water to clean them off really really well.


IF YOU WANT THICKER BROWS…USE A SERUM (this one is awesome too) !!! It will help them to grow back. I PROMISE.

Brow Tinting Supplies

  1. Garnier Micellar water (aka cheaper bioderma cleansing water) – to clean your brows before and after tinting using cotton rounds
  2. RefectoCil dye (I have the brown and black and mix the two) (light brown and red linked here for you)
  3. RefectoCil developer 
  4. tiny glass cup to mix them in
  5. Angled brow brush (any one will do)
  6. eyelash/brow serum

RefectoCil also has a kit available that includes one color, the developer, angled brush and glass mixing cup.

ALSO: try the Just For Men beard dying kit!!! They come in a wide range of colors, so you can find a great match! It’s SUPER easy and I think I might like it just as much as the RefectoCil…but the jury is still out on that one. One kit lasts for months…so don’t think you need to buy a new kit every time! I used this method for 3 years.  I love it.


Links to the makeup I use to fill in my brows (I don’t use these all at the same time. I choose one depending on how much time I have and what I’m doing that day): 

  1. Anastasia Dipbrow  — I use this one the most and set it with a clear brow gel…have yet to find one that really holds them in place
  2. MAC Big Brow pencil — they stopped making these, but looks like Nordstrom Rack has them! AMAZON has them too! but they’re more expensive than the ones from the Rack. I LOVE this brow pencil because it’s basically like a giant crayon. Their regular skinny, twist up, brow pencils run out in like two days. set it with a clear brow gel…have yet to find one that really holds them in place
  3. Wunderbrow  — hint: order darker than you think you need! I ordered the black/brown and it’s still pretty light. I only use this if I’m going to the beach, or anywhere the conditions are a little more extreme than an air conditioned Target. It also lasts through naps, so that’s a bonus. I also apply this with an angled brush, not the lipgloss type brush/wand it comes with

***I’ve been dying to try Glossier’s Boy Brow ***


MY TIPS/TRICKS for brows:

  1. Don’t start them too far apart, or end them too soon.  That is the biggest mistake people make, I think.
  2. Use a lash growth serum on them.  You can apply to your entire brow, or just in spots where you need an extra little boost of growth.  It works. I swear. I’ve been using Organys, but have also heard that Babe Lash works really well!



F.A.Q.s I get about my brows:

  1. Who does your brows?         I do them myself!
  2. Are your brows real?       This question always cracks me up…YES they are real. I grew them myself.
  3. Have you ever had your brows microbladed?      NO. I’ve thought about it a lot though. The only thing holding me back (other than cost and paranoia about other people touching my brows) is that I’ve read about the pigment retention being affected by how fast your body metabolizes it.  I got botox a while ago and while it should have lasted a month, mine only lasted a week and a half.  I thought it was a fluke, so I went back and the plastic surgeon thought it was pretty strange that I had so much movement. Again, lasted only about two weeks. My body metabolizes stuff SO fast. Which is nice when it comes to food, but not so much when it comes to beautification. I worry about my body doing the same thing with the microblading pigment and that my brows would only last like a month.
  4. Do you fill them in with makeup?      Yes!



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