Neverfull Organizer


ok, this discovery was truly a game changer for me. I have the Neverfull GM (the biggest one) and ordered this specific organizer in grey.

I got my Louis Vuitton neverfull GM for Christmas from my father-in-law about 6 years ago. It is hands down my most used purse I’ve ever owned. So much so that I convinced 4 of my friends, my sister and sister-in-law that they all needed one. It is giant, light weight, and literally is never full. Whoever named it was spot on. (They have 3 sizes- the small PM – the medium MM – the large GM.)

I am not a huge diaper bag fan and ended up using a backpack with Magnolia because that was easiest when we were living in the city.

But now that I live in the burbs, I wanted to figure out how I could more efficiently use my favorite purse every day, again.

Instagram read my mind and randomly, in my discover feed, I saw some girl post a picture of the inside of her purse and she had the most amazing organizer in it.

Down the rabbit hole I fell into, I found THIS company.

I wasn’t even sure if it was legitimate, but was like “I’ll order it and if it shows up, great, if not, whatever”.

It showed up, surprisingly quickly too, and IT IS THE BEST THING EVER.  plus the customer service people are the sweetest. They didn’t have the original color I ordered, so they emailed me immediately to work something out.

So, if you have a bag that needs organizing, get one of these. It adds some structure. It’s low cut so you don’t see it popping out the top of your bag (like other ones I’ve seen), and they have several sizes to fit whatever bag you have perfectly. It’s made out of thick felt, so it’s sturdy, but light weight.

So yeah, there you go.

For all you Neverfull users: YOU’RE WELCOME


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